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Maxmize your eye Lashes!  Max lash, Brush-on Lash extensions

Pain less eye brows system

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What is Max Lash?

Max Lash is the quick and easy brush-on lash extensions for bolder, longer, more beautiful lashes in just seconds! It’s more than mascara, it’s the new 3D fiber lashes designed to maximize the volume and length of your natural lashes, instantly!

The Secret Is the specially formulated, two-piece system. Simply brush on the application gel, and then apply the fiber extensions. The fibers instantly bond to your lashes for unbelievable volume and length!


Brow perfect



  • Forget about painful plucking or other old-fashioned, costly ways to shape eyebrows. Use to create perfectly shaped eyebrows. Also great for grooming excess hair from face, neck, arms and bikini area. Have you ever stood in front of your mirror and wondered what is that one thing which can make your look instantly glamorous? What can I do to beautiful your eyes? What is it? Are they properly shaped? May be, no. Well, We are talking about the sturdy eyebrows. When it comes to shaping brows precisely at home, nothing can be better than this product, convenient and time-saving tool. But many of us are not familiar with this little delicate things. And we definitely don’t want to mess up our brows! So, here we are – to solve all your eyebrow issues!.




  • This brow perfect is the easiest way to shape your eye brows in few seconds and make you beautiful. You will use this at 45 angle and shape your eyes brows as you want to see yourself beautiful. It is made up of stainless steel. After using this product you will be able to go with confidence in Parties and you will Feel comfortable when you will go with your friends.



  • Create High Definition Brows
  • Gives volume to thin or less eye brows
  • Create even whole eye Brows
  • Map in your desired shape


  • This revolutionary treatment shapes your eye brows to your desired shapes. Fulfill your dreams and enjoy more beautiful and attractive eyes. If this treatment is well applied on eyes this can keep up to 5 – 10 days.



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