Power Floss Dental Water Jet


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Power Floss Dental Water Jet

Power Floss Water Jet is the fast and simple approach to floss regular! Simply fill the base with water, point and press the green catch to floss. Air impels water to tenderly evacuate plaque-causing flotsam and jetsam. Power Floss Water Jet has a position of safety tip and ergonomic plan to effortlessly reach back teeth. You can even load with mouthwash for fresher breath while you floss! Power Floss Water Jet is extraordinary for individuals of any age; functions admirably with bRaces and other dental work. No lines or batteries make Power Floss Water Jet simple to utilize and prepared to take anyplace!

As Seen on TV Power Floss Dental Water Jet:

Speedy and simple

Simply load with water, point and press to power away plaque-causing garbage

No batteries or ropes

Air Infusion Technology: air drives water to tenderly expel flotsam and jetsam

Ergonomic outline and low-profile tip effortlessly reach back teeth

Ideal for keeping bRaces and other dental work clean

Incredible for grown-ups and kids

As observed on TV


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