FLOURISH LAMA ! Sticky Gel Pad



FLOURISH LAMA, Sticky Gel Pad, Nano Rubber Pad, Cell Phone Holder, Car Bracket


Thrive LAMA Sticker-Holder does not require any paste or nails, use as long as a light dismissal.

It can be posted on the divider, regardless of whether the uneven divider is no issue.

What’s more, brimming with adaptability, you can pull any, there is stunning suction compel.

Try not to figure it can not be remove, tenderly tear from the edge, effectively peel off, don’t leave follows.

Try not to need to stress over removing, the paste won’t make the above, as long as the water flush, instantly change.

Thrive LAMA Sticker-Holder is additionally not apprehensive of UV and high temperature introduction.

Notwithstanding when the temperature achieves 100 ° C, there is no instance of liquefying or distortion.

Thrive LAMA Sticker-Holder’s attachment is extremely steady, Stick a jug on the divider won’t fall, however not prescribed to challenge its utilization restrain. So the deal, still need to remind clients to focus on merchandise security, heavier, helpless, costly things Should endeavor to maintain a strategic distance from delayed vertical or reversed glue, to counteract incidental harm.


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